Complimentary SSARS 21 Webinar

On November 13th at 11:00 AM EST will be hosting and I will be instructing an additional session of the SSARS 21 webinar focused on the Preparation of Financial Statements. This webinar will provide 1 hour A&A CPE.

Many thanks to all who attended the initial session of the SSARS 21 webinar last month! We had a number of great questions and discussions both during and after the webinar, and more than 1,900 in attendance.

Interested in attending? If so follow this link to register for the course. In order to attend you will need to be a member of Membership is free and provides access to all CPA academy webinars. If you are not already a member, visit to learn more. Many thanks to CPAacademy for hosting the course and ensuring compliance with NASBA rules and regs!

Please note if you previously attended this course you will not receive additional CPE for attending this session as the material will be substantially the same. However, if you are on the newsletter distribution list for the Firm, you will receive follow up emails addressing common themes from questions that come up during and after the upcoming session of this course. I will also incorporate into this course answers to common questions from the earlier session.

I am looking forward to the next session as the implementation date of this new standard quickly approaches.

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CPA academy


Launch of Tonya Brummett, CPA

I am excited to announce the launch of Tonya Brummett, CPA. I will be providing a variety of accounting services, primarily related to financial statements, either in preparing financial statements, or assisting management in getting their financial statements in better shape, as well as have live conversations via video conferencing based on real time data with clients. For example, “what happened to your gross profit as compared to last month or quarter? Or “Why did days sales outstanding go up?” Where did the cash go? My goal in providing client service is to provide useful information, which you can use to run and grow your business-what you do best. Useful information which management can use to make decisions is one of the keys to running a successful company. Note, the preparation of financial statements it undertaken by the CPA relying on information the client provides.

According to Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement on Financial Accounting Concept Statement No. 8:

If financial information is to be useful, it must be relevant and faithfully represent what it purports to represent. The usefulness of financial information is enhanced if it is comparable, verifiable, timely, and understandable.

Many small businesses fail to invest in their accounting system as a result of a lack of resources and time. Failing to establish an accounting system properly initially can result in deferred costs in the long term, not to mention a lack of useful information for management.

In providing services remotely, I can offer recurring services for reasonable rates for those small businesses.

I am passionate about accounting and I make every effort to stay on top of the rapidly changing environment. I look forward to sharing the fruits thereof with my clients.

Tonya Brummett, CPA


In October 2014, the Accounting and Review Services Committee of the American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants issued Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services 21 (SSARS 21), which provides for a new level of service related to financial statements. CPAs can now prepare financial statements. This is a level of service requiring no reporting by the CPA (other than required disclaimers and disclosures on face of statements, or in a note), the financial statements can be used by others external to the organization. Additionally, this new standard does away with management use only financial statements. SSARS 21 becomes effective for periods ending on or after December 15, 2015, with early implementation being an option.

On the horizon, look for a new standard related to budgets, forecasts and projections. ARSC met back in April to discuss. I have yet to hear the results of that meeting. Stay tuned. Another standard in development which I am following closely.

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American Institute for CPAs QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Georgia State Board of Accountancy.